Thursday, 25 October 2012

Do You Really Believe In Coincidence?

I'm sat writing this weeks blog, bleary eyed, in an airport coffee shop.  I'm on my way to Spain to help a documentary film crew with a few episodes of 'Dead or Alive' for National Geographic.

The very fact that I'm on my way to Spain today, is 100% down to a series of thoughts I had the last time I was in Spain just a few weeks ago.  I was there to work with director Ridley Scott.

Please let me explain and expand on that.

You see, when I say my current journey is taking place due to a series of thoughts, I mean just that.  No phone calls, no emails, no letters dropped in the mail - just pure thoughts. Creative thoughts, utilised in ' a certain way'  to turn thoughts into reality.

If you're new to my blogs, that might sound a little ' out there', a little 'science fiction', yet I assure you I mean everything I say - quite literally.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Are You a Mental Power Lifter or Mental Weakling?

 Todays blog is all about Mental Strength.

In my career as a Hollywood stuntman, it’s paid dividends to remain fit and strong physically.

However, it is only in more recent years that I have come to value the power of mental strength, and realised the vast power of a sharp, focused and strong mind.

I’m sure you know the benefits of lifting weights, whether you choose to do so or not. 

Imagine lifting a heavy dumbbell with your right arm every other day, while leaving your left arm in your pocket.  Within 6 weeks you’d be sporting a bulging right bicep, while your left bicep would be weak by comparison.