Thursday, 29 November 2012

Do You Ever Fake It?

You know where you are now in life – you only need look around you.

You also have a crazy desire for a better life – you know what you want and where you want to be.

When you become that person, what kind of people will you spend time with?  What environment will you and these people spend your days in?

If I turned up at your door right now, and physically dragged you to the place where these people hang out, and dropped you among them – would you stand out from the others, perhaps feel uncomfortable or out of place?

I ask this because yesterday, I did just that.  I found myself mixing with the kind of successful people I plan to spend more and more time with, in luxurious surroundings – yet it was unplanned and so I was dressed inappropriately.

It made me feel very uncomfortable, and got me to thinking on how I ‘usually’ operate, and how this way of thinking allows me to enjoy one success after another.

I wanted to share this with you – so you too can accelerate your progression from where you are now to where you really ‘want’ to be.

The Author - on fire for 'Bonekickers
My name is Curtis Rivers – I’m an author and a speaker, but I also work in the TV and movie business as a Stunt Coordinator.  I’ve spend the last 17 years rolling cars, falling off high buildings, being set on fire, and working on films with the likes of Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Russell Crowe, and Sir Anthony Hopkins (to name but a few).

Yesterday, I was away from home attending a technical recce – working out which stunts we might be able to perform at a country mansion next year.

Having finished early in the afternoon, my colleague and I decided to have a late lunch.  Being from the area, he suggested a bistro he knew which served good food.  I do enjoy a fine meal!

From the outside, the building looked like any well maintained English country pub, and so I left my colleague taking a phone call in the car park, and burst in to find a table.

As I did so, I rushed in on a very posh interior – soft lighting, piano music, champagne buckets at most tables, and the diners wore crisp shirts and polished shoes.

As several of these people glanced over at me, looking over the top of their expensive menus, I kept walking – heading for the toilet to compose myself.

Unfortunately the signs to the toilet led me right through a dozen tables of fine diners, and so my dramatic entrance was witnessed by all.

Now – to my point.

Ordinarily this would be fine – only, I was dressed for a technical recce, not fine dining!

I was wearing muddy walking boots, combat trousers, and carrying a rucksack over my all weather mountain jacket!

You might describe my hair style yesterday as ‘windswept and interesting’!

A Fine Meal

I freshened up in the toilet, removed my jacket and made the best of it – enjoying a lovely lunch with my colleague.

As I drove home, I replayed that uncomfortable emotion I encountered on entering the restaurant.  I realised what a dramatic difference, wearing the right outfit makes to both the way you FEEL and the way you are perceived.

When I’m speaking to businesses about ‘breaking through fear barriers’ – I wear a smart suit.  When I’m presenting a seminar on ‘the success mindset’, I wear a fine suit with waistcoat, even a pocket watch.

When I choose a venue for my talks and seminars, and purposely choose a luxurious setting, one of opulence that oozes ‘success’.

The reason I do this?  Because it raises my game, and it raises the feelings and expectations of everyone involved.

Back To The Start

I’d like to go back to the start of this blog now and ask you again – If I physically dragged you to the place where the successful people hang out, and dropped you amongst them – would you stand out from them, perhaps feel uncomfortable or out of place?  Perhaps like I did yesterday barging into the posh restaurant?

If you ‘would’ feel out of place then it’s time to start faking it!

To become the person you want to be – you need to start dressing like that future version of yourself, start NOW! Today!

When you imagine your future self – what do you look like, where do other people in your profession, or with your interests hang out?

You need to start visiting the same places these people hang out.  Wear the clothes, sit in the lobby of that posh hotel and watch the world go by – soak it up.

It needn’t cost the earth either – you don’t have to wear designer clothes, and you can order a coffee and still sit in this luxury place.  People will assume you’re meeting somebody.

Invest in yourself – start to travel first class when you can (it’s worth setting a little more aside for this).

I live in England, where a First Class train ticket to London is FOUR TIMES the cost of standard travel.  However, if you book online, and pay for it a few weeks in advance, it can work out almost the same price!  Probably the cost of a coffee more than the standard fare.

In return for that forward planning, and tiny bit more investment – you get a larger, more comfortable seat, a crisp newspaper, a socket for your laptop, un-ending teas and coffees, free Danish pastries or cookies, and you mix with like minded successful people.  At least, that’s what it feels like.

There you are, wearing your best clothes, travelling with the millionaires to your London meeting – it makes you FEEL successful, even if the success you desire is still around the corner.  It accelerates that success to you, and dissolves feelings of low worth, or ‘am I really good enough for this’?

If you would feel uncomfortable mixing with the people you plan to spend time with in the future – decide to change today.  Right this moment.

Make a decision, and stick with it.

Go and do a ‘technical recce’ – go ‘scope out’ the kinds of people that you admire, the people you want to be like.  Then dress in a similar way, compose yourself in a similar manner, spend time in their environment – fake it like you’re already one of them.  Walk in their shoes.

I promise you, that on so many levels, both your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind, will set to work immediately in turning your desires into your waking reality.

Fake it ‘till you make it!

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Wishing You Great Success


Curtis Rivers

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This blog was written by Curtis Rivers. 


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  1. A great post, Curtis! You pulled me right into the situation, and I really felt your point. Thanks!