Thursday, 1 November 2012

Do You Smile As You Wobble?

There comes a time in everyones life, when they enter what I call 'The Wobble Zone'.  This place is the 'no mans land' between the life they are comfortable with, and the better life they seek.

'The Wobble Zone' can be a tough nut to crack.

It can cause doubt, worry, nausea - even panic attacks.  In fact, the easiest way to ease your suffering is to step backwards into your old life, and return to your old habits.

That feels great for a while.
  You convince yourself you didn't want that thing anyway.  However, if you really want that change in your life - from a new relationship to a career change, a house move or a new car, you HAVE TO travel through The Wobble Zone.

My name is Curtis Rivers, and as a movie stuntman and adventurer, I've spent a great deal of my life in this Wobble Zone.  I've had to become very comfortable in this seemingly hostile place, and in doing so – I’ve learned to navigate this strange place between your current reality and the one you dream of.

This weeks blog takes a closer look at how and why this Wobble Zone crops up, and gives you the understanding necessary to overcome this obstacle with relative ease.

To explain this, I'm afraid I'm going to have to delve into a little science.  I’d like to draw an analogy here between the way we progress in life, and the way matter changes form as it vibrates.

You learned at school about molecules and atoms I'm sure.  You know that something as solid as a table, is actually made up of a mass of vibrating molecules.

There are huge gaps between all of these molecules, and if we use a chunk of ice as an example, as we speed up their speed of vibration, we turn ice into water, water into steam, and then steam back into ‘the original substance’ from which all things are made.

This process also occurs on the non-physical level – in that place where the energy of your thoughts oscillate at varying frequencies.  When things appear bad and we perhaps ‘feel’ a bit low, you might liken that to having a low rate of vibration.  When things appear amazing and we perhaps ‘feel’ a bit high on life, you might liken that to having a high rate of vibration.

So here’s the crunch.

When you raise your game in life, whether in terms of relationships, career, health, money, spirituality, whatever – you must change the ‘frequency’ you operate on.  This is a Universal Law (The Law of Vibration) at work, and a key component to The Law of Attraction brought back into peoples minds a few years ago by the movie ‘The Secret’.

Here then, is where The Wobble Zone comes into play.

Let’s assume your current way of life were vibrating at 1,000 beats per second.  This is a completely ‘made up’ unit of measurement to illustrate a point – please bear with me!

Now let us assume the life you WANT to live exists at a place dominated by those vibrating at 2,000 beats per second.  Again, I’m inventing this scale to illustrate a point.

Let’s, for the sake of argument, say you are fed up of your job, and want to go it alone by setting up your own business.

Your current job in this example is in the 1,000 bps zone, your future career in the 2,000 bps zone.

As you move forward toward your dreams, things start to feel uncomfortable.  You begin to doubt your motives.  You’re a being vibrating at 1,000 bps, entering into a place vibrating much faster.  At the half way point, 1,500 bps, it feels very uncomfortable.  You are (quite literally) out of your comfort zone.

Questions pop into your head:

“Am I too old to be changing careers?”

“Will the new job pay my bills?”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to stick with what I know?  I have a family to feed after all”

“People won’t take me seriously – who am I kidding anyway?”

Two Choices

You have two choices at this stage…

(1)   Head backwards to your comfort zone, that place you’re familiar with.  It may have been a bit boring and frustrating there, but at least you’re comfortable.  You know what you’re doing, you know what money is coming in each month.  Perhaps this isn’t so bad after all!  You were vibrating at 1,000 bps a moment ago approaching a place vibrating at twice that speed, it felt very uncomfortable, and now you’re back where you belong, a 1,000 bps being in a 1,000 bps world.  You feel relaxed again.  For now.  Until the next time you follow your heart and try to progress in life.

(2)   Grit your teeth and move forwards.  If you spend enough time in this zone, your own being starts to accelerate, to literally vibrate faster as you acclimatise to this new place.  So at the half way point, at 1,500 bps, it DOES feel awful yet you persevere and push away the doubts, the negativity, you climb over or step around the obstacles and challenges, and keep your sights fixed firmly on the end goal, in spite of this discomfort.  As your rate of vibration increases to match its surrounds, you move forward, perhaps from 1,500 bps to 2,000 bps which is the zone your dream job lies in.  When you first arrive, you still have doubts – but cast them aside as you get on with your new career, there’s much to be done.  Within a short space of time you’re now a 2,000 bps being in a 2,000 bps world, having 2,000 bps thoughts and feelings.  These feelings attract more 2,000 bps things into your life, and wow – what a life that is.

Choice 1 was the easiest.  If the challenge were the ascent of a mountain, then Choice 1 would be turning back once the blizzard became uncomfortable.

Choice 2 would be pitching a tent in that blizzard, reassessing the next morning, and soldiering on each day, one foot in front of the other, until you stand at the top of that lofty mountain.

Enjoying the Wobble

Once you see The Wobble Zone for what it really is, it’s possible to actually enjoy it, in a slightly perverse way!

I’ve spent much of my life journeying from a comfortable place, through The Wobble Zone, to a better more abundant place.

Becoming a Hollywood Movie Stuntman took 7 years of arduous mental and physical challenges as I trained to a high standard in ten different sports.  Each of these 10 sports had to be to instructor standard - in martial arts for example, this required the transition from white belt (novice) to black belt (master).

Martial Arts training is a perfect illustration of The Wobble Zone at work.  It takes around 2 years on average to attain a 1st Dan Black Belt, and nearly all students of martial arts hit their wobble zones several times during that journey.

Perhaps an injury holds back training, and we begin to wonder if this is the martial art for us.  Or we put off the return to training after Christmas until we’ve lost a few pounds, and the months pass us by until we no longer attend.  Or we’re learning a difficult move we just can’t seem to master, or a poor experience has put us off sparring.  Whatever the reason, at various points, between various transitions from one belt to another, we visit The Wobble Zone.

The winners grit their teeth and persevere, knowing this is a temporary phase (their vibration is rising to exist comfortably in this place).

The others will stop where they are, and decide they’ve taken this as far as they wanted to.  In truth, deep down they know they wanted to become a black belt, and really wish they had continued training.

The message I’d like to leave you with in todays blog is this.

When you feel that Wobble Zone, the worry, the discomfort, the self doubt – know you are not alone.  Know that anyone who ever achieved anything worthwhile has passed through that place.  It’s a place to jog through on your way to greater things.  Smile, as I do, when you get there – for you know your dreams are about to come into fruition.

I wish you much luck on your journey – never, ever, ever, ever give up.

Wishing You Great Success


Curtis Rivers

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This blog was written by Curtis Rivers. 


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