Thursday, 6 December 2012

How Do YOU Handle Rejection?

I had an unexpected email this week from a man accusing me of sending him a spam email, and telling me (in the crudest way possible) to 'sling my hook' - only his exact phrase began with 'F' and ended with 'off'.

I never mix with people like that, so it came like a bolt out of the blue, but what also surprised me was the sender - a man at the forefront of a popular 'spiritual' forum.

Members of this forum come together from various spiritual niches, to explore The Law of Attraction in its many forms - to unite under the banner of purposeful creation.

I had spent some time on the forum a number of years ago, and had over a thousand 'friends' on there - people who had requested my friendship after reading an article or blog I'd written, or people I'd welcomed to the forum.

What I did this week was get back in touch with all of those people, as I'd put together a great course online that was free, and that I knew they'd enjoy.