Thursday, 6 December 2012

How Do YOU Handle Rejection?

I had an unexpected email this week from a man accusing me of sending him a spam email, and telling me (in the crudest way possible) to 'sling my hook' - only his exact phrase began with 'F' and ended with 'off'.

I never mix with people like that, so it came like a bolt out of the blue, but what also surprised me was the sender - a man at the forefront of a popular 'spiritual' forum.

Members of this forum come together from various spiritual niches, to explore The Law of Attraction in its many forms - to unite under the banner of purposeful creation.

I had spent some time on the forum a number of years ago, and had over a thousand 'friends' on there - people who had requested my friendship after reading an article or blog I'd written, or people I'd welcomed to the forum.

What I did this week was get back in touch with all of those people, as I'd put together a great course online that was free, and that I knew they'd enjoy.

The course Seven Paths to Freedom, heavily involves The Law of Attraction, and with it getting such great reviews it seemed fairly logical that I'd let my friends online know about it!

I sent just one email - an apology for not being in touch for a while, as I'd been using Facebook more than the forum lately, and a brief note that the free course was now live if they wanted to check it out.  That's it.

Rather than just remove me as a friend, or block me (or politely ask that I not send them emails) I received the aforementioned foul mouthed reply!

Now, in all honesty I was annoyed at first.  Maybe for 10 seconds.  Then, I was upset - after all, I was genuinely trying to help, and to be disrespected like that is something I just don't experience in my life these days.

I paused for thought.

I breathed in a long deep breath.  And then I decided how to react.

I decided how to react.

I chose to thank the person for their time, and apologize for any inconvenience caused, informing them that I'd take them off my friends list right away, so they would never hear from me again.

I got another abusive reply as I blocked all messages from this person, and took a long breath.

The guy has some serious issues in his life to act that way, and a long way to go in his progression to a better life.  What goes around, comes around - and he was horrible.  He had some tough times ahead, and I felt sorry for him.  Not in a patronizing way - I actually felt sorry for him.

In a way, I forgave him - seeing the bigger picture.  I also felt compassion toward him and in doing so, I became the better person.

My chest was not tight, the internal chatter returned to 'positive mode' and within minutes, emails of thanks from good people arrived.

One person thanked me for the free Law of Attraction course, another said it had been a real eye opener, another couldn't wait to receive the next instalment.  All happy, positive people giving genuine gratitude - I'd given away a valuable course for free, yet I felt rich inside beyond measure.


Lessons Learned

The moral of this blog, is to take a moment before you react.  DECIDE how to react.  Any good thing in life begins with a GOOD DECISION.  So choose wisely.

I could have reported this man to the moderator, or sent his reply to all the members.  I could have mentioned his name in this blog - named and shamed, but I chose not to.

Instead, I cut him loose and wished him well.  I hope he resolves his issues.  My focus is no longer on him, but on the good that came out of our little exchange.  I'm focused on the people taking my free course, and how I can improve it and show it to more and more people.

So, if someone is rude to you today, someone beeps their horn in the traffic, or jumps the queue you're standing in - take a moment to decide how to react.  Your decision will have far reaching effects that echo far beyond this moment.  Chose the reaction that makes you te better person, even if it's tough at first.  It doesn't make you a 'push over' or a 'soft touch' it makes you the smarter person - the best version of yourself that you can be.

What more could you want, than to be the best version of yourself, a real beacon that others want to be around, because you make them feel so good?

Thanks, as always, for reading this blog today, I wish you much luck on your journey.  

Wishing You Great Success


Curtis Rivers

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This blog was written by Curtis Rivers. 


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