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How to Achieve Goals

With the New Year now upon us, I find myself surrounded by people still buzzing with the possibility of new hope.  They’re wondering how to achieve goals, but it’s a new year, a fresh beginning – anything is possible.

I really love that.  The sense of positivity a fresh start can bring, in spite of the negative overtones of an otherwise glum January.

If only it could stay that way.

Unfortunately, we both know that as the year moves on, most people forget their New Year goals, as normal life resumes after the holiday season, and ‘reality’ sets in for another busy year of hard work.

Sadly, they simply don’t know how to achieve goals.

If only people knew that it doesn’t have to be like that.
I passed a travel agent today and saw a couple flicking through glossy brochures for some exotic paradise hideaway.  It got me thinking about something so obvious, that most of us overlook it.

Most people, even those not very good at reaching goals, are able to turn their thoughts of a summer vacation, into reality.  That is, those people who give the matter some serious thought, enough to get to the travel agent, select a glossy brochure and then discuss requirements with the staff.

The Penny Drops

What I realised today, something overlooked by most, is the reason for their success in realising holiday dreams; when all of their other goals fall by the way side.  The secret is in the brochures.  Namely, visualisation.

To start with, these potential holiday makers have a rough, hazy idea of where they would like to go.  Perhaps they chose sunshine over snow, and immediately eliminate a large proportion of the brochures.

Maybe they then decide on an English speaking country, and again, they rule out many of the remaining brochures.  After narrowing it down further and further, they agree on a country, then a part of that country, and then perhaps narrow it down to a choice of hotels and resorts. 

Here’s where the magic begins.

From this stage, they begin to visually compare hotels and resorts.  They may look at an infinity pool and imagine themselves relaxing in that pool.  When they do so, this will have a deep resulting feeling, of being in that pool.  When it feels good, when it matches their desire, then they’re likely to choose that hotel, and the vacation starts to become real in their mind.

Unless they see a better hotel or resort, they will stick with that choice, perhaps reinforced by photos of the restaurant, or the sea view from the hotel.  In each case, the potential tourist will visualise themselves at that restaurant, and visualise themselves waking to that sea view from their apartment.

Without realising it, just by visiting a travel agent, flipping through brochures, creating a feeling in their sub-conscious mind – they have started the wheels of the Universe in motion, to turn their thoughts into reality.

Unlike other goals that fall away with each passing week, the vacation goal is reinforced.  More brochures are read, or they put down a deposit and receive further information through the mail, or become drawn to a documentary on TV about that country.  Perhaps they see a book in a shop or online, perhaps even take a night class to learn the basic language to enhance their experience.

As the holiday approaches, it’s reinforced further by shopping for swimwear, sun screen, travel accessories, and perhaps foreign currency.

Everything mentioned in the last few paragraphs serves to reinforce the fact that the holiday is going to happen, as they’ve spent some time ‘on vacation’ on the screen of their mind!

As obvious as it now sounds – of course they’ve imagined themselves in that gorgeous pool!  Of course they’ve mentally placed themselves on that beautiful beach.  Of course they’ve pictured themselves enjoying the local culture, nightlife and activities.

By imagining these things on the screen of their minds, as if the experience were happening now, they have trained their sub-conscious minds to turn these thoughts of holidays, into the real thing.

When it comes to making travel a reality, they know how to achieve goals.  However, all of the other goals, the ones that fell away, did not have such visual cues thrust onto the screen of the goal setters mind.

There was no glossy brochure for ‘getting a rise at work’.

There was no online tourist video for ‘having a slimmer waist’.

But what if there was?

What if?

What if you created your own mini-brochure for ‘getting a rise at work’ or ‘having a slimmer waist’?

In my book ‘Seven Paths to Freedom’, I discuss the power of surrounding yourself with visual reminders.  I explain how I’ve used this technique over the years to visit far flung places, break Guinness World Records and even star in Hollywood movies!

Imagine what a particular goal looks like when it’s achieved.  If you were to cut out images from magazines that represented that complete goal, you’d begin to have that imagery sink down into your sub-conscious.  You don’t have to destroy magazines – you could search Google images and print photos out instead.

You then place these images where you will see them every day.  By your bed, so you see them before sleeping, and on waking.  On the fridge door so you see them when grabbing the juice or milk for breakfast.

I even keep a quality leather bound book of images that I take with me on my travels.

By looking at the images each day, like the travel brochure, you begin to imagine yourself already in that situation.

Like visualising yourself on holiday in that pool, you instead visualise yourself in your new office having been given the promotion, or you imagine how great you feel with that slimmer waist, the energy, the confidence as people look and admire your physique.

These thoughts make you FEEL good, and this great feeling oozes from you, sending a signal out into the world and beyond, that is eventually mirrored back to you.

The images in your mind of you on that balcony, watching the sun set over the ocean – they turned into the real thing, right?  Brochures, thoughts, feelings, brochures, thoughts, feelings, brochures, thoughts, feelings – until thoughts became physical things.  You made it happen.

I’m going to urge you to do the same thing with your other goals.

Images, thoughts, feelings, more images, more thoughts, more feelings.

Sustain that daily, and just watch the difference in your life, as things begin to change around you, turning your dreams into reality.

I speak from experience.

This works like magic, no matter how old you are, where you live, and whatever the size of your bank account.  Choose a worthy goal, gather images of the completed goal, close your eyes and imagine how great the completed goal will feel, soak up those feelings with a feeling of gratitude – rinse and repeat.

You’ll be amazed at the results.

If the method works for your vacation each year, it will work for your other hopes and aspirations.  All you have to do now, is DO IT.

Now you know how to achieve goals  - what are you waiting for?

Wishing You Great Success


Curtis Rivers

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This blog was written by Curtis Rivers, author of 'Seven Paths to Freedom'.



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